Whether you're here as a SoCal Mama who is looking for the right Doula to support you through your journey, a First Time Mom who is searching the web to find information about the magical processes of cradling Life and ushering your new little one Earth-Side, or a Doula looking for informational and educational resources to provide your clients... I promise you are in the right place!

I specialize in holistic wellness, labor & birth preparation, labor support, and postpartum care.  Sounds fancy, huh? Here's the breakdown...


Your journey begins here...

A little bit about me...

Hi there,  I am so glad you're here! It is my passion to guide women back to their power by sharing my knowledge of the beautiful process of childbirth that I have gathered over my 8 years of being a birth worker. My intention is to empower Mamas by teaching them the amazing process that their bodies and babies journey through during labor and birth. Sometimes I get to use my knowledge to empower other doulas with tools and information that they can take into their own practice. Whatever my role, the end goal (and my life's work) is to strengthen and empower the Internal and Eternal Mother in all of us women!


My journey as a Doula really started when I was 3 years old when I sensed that my neighbor was pregnant before she ever announced it. My Mother's health was unstable at best so, I found myself taking care of myself, my Mom, and 2 of my 3 siblings. I was blessed with the monumental challenge of young Motherhood at the age of 18 when I had my first daughter, my princess Shaniese. We grew up together. I've always been a caregiver! I now have three beautiful children that, funnily enough, are teaching me more and more about the importance of Self-Care for myself and for all Mothers!


My Walk has led me down many paths; I joined the military at 17, became a certified substitute teacher, and am now a student midwife (saving up my pennies to finish my education)! Along the way, I have met so many strong women! Colleagues, clients, friends, and mentors; have all impacted me and when I look into myself, I see my soul as sui generis as the moon, peppered with the craters left by the women who have shaped me.


My heart is, and will always be pointed toward the advocacy of Mothers whose self-assurance has been battered by an unkind world and Babies whose wisdom and innate ability to guide have been stifled by the premise that 'to speak is to know'. I sense your knowing. I sense your Baby's knowing. I see you. I hear you... and I am here to unleash all of God's glorious light that he has filled you with!


What is Doula Service?

Labor Support

Holding Space! This is my main job as a Birth Doula. Whether you are planning for a natural homebirth, planned cesarean, or hospital birth, I will hold space for you throughout the laboring process.


Every birth is different but the one common thread that ties all of us Mamas together is the need for gentle and encouraging support. 

Some Mamas prefer silence while I use soothing touch and counter-pressure to get through the pressure waves, while other Mamas don't want to be touched at all and instead crave affirmation and spiritual encouragement. 

Together we will come up with a birth plan to best serve you through the moments of deep physical and emotional vulnerability and lift you into your power as you bring your baby Earth-side!


Birth Education

Each of my clients receives one-on-one at home preparation for their journey into Motherhood. I provide information on how to support your pregnancy naturally (and for hubby, how to support Mamas physically and emotionally) and holistically through gentle changes in diet and posture. 

I also offer a series of birth-prep classes in person and am developing an online course for anyone who hasn't made the decision to hire a birth doula but would still like to be as prepared as possible for the arrival of their baby. 


Postpartum Preparation & Care

Untitled design.png

The one thing that I hear time and again is that Mama's

are shocked at how underprepared they are for the

physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the post-

partum period. 

I work closely with you and your family so that you are ALL 

ready to support your postpartum body and spirit. Whether

this is your first or 5th child, each new beginning brings a greater understanding of ourselves and our bodies if we only listen. I am here to help you open your heart to your own needs and desires and implement them regularly. You will also learn a plethora of self-care techniquesto accompany you beyond postpartum. 





Coming Soon!



Kiesha was such an angel to have at our birth! 


Her presence made me feel so relaxed and helped me to enjoy my labor and birthing process. She arrived before my midwife & was just there for my general support, whether emotionally or physically!


She gave me words of advice during my labor in such a loving comforting way. She reassured me as things progressed & helped so much physically! I had terrible low back & hip pain so she was constantly giving me hip compressions which is a very physically demanding thing to do! And she did this for hours just to help me stay comfortable and get through the contractions. 

Another plus is that she does a few prenatal appts too! She isn't just a day of type of gal. Such an amazing experience!! 

She is so selfless & so loving! I am so glad we found her and I can't wait to be pregnant again so that we can have her attend our next birth!!